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Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds are special and easy cannabis seeds which automatically go into bloom when the plant is fully grown. Regular seeds and feminized seeds only start blooming when the number of light hours per day is less, but light has little effect on autoflowering seeds. Even if you plant is exposed to light 24 hours a day – which, of course, is not recommended – it will still develop well.

Ruderalis + Indica/Sativa = Autoflowering

Autoflowering seeds are created by crossing an Indica or Sativa plant with a Ruderalis plant. Ruderalis plant grows in countries with a colder climate and shorter summer, such as northern Europe, Russia and China. Due to the fact the summers are so short, there the plant has little time to flower and therefore goes automatically into bloom within a short period. Ruderalis has a low THC content and so it is crossed with Indica or Sativa.

Indica and Sativa are the two most famous cannabis strains. Most species of weed are therefore a cross of these two species. The main differences in characteristics between these two types are as follows:

  • Sativa plants grow taller, while Indica plants are more compact and dense.
  • Sativa plants have a longer flowering time than Indica plants
  • Sativa plants have a higher THC content, while Indica plants have higher CBD content.
  • Sativa usually gives a 'high' effect, while the Indica gives a relaxing effect (stoned).
By crossing an Indica or Sativa with a Ruderalis plant the result is not only a fast flowering and automatically flowering plant, but also a plant with a high THC content.

Blooming of autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds are particularly useful when you want to grow them in a country with a colder climate. You can then plant the seeds outdoors until around the end of August. They also do very well indoors. The good thing is that is auto-flowering plants are relatively small and do not take up much space. For growing indoors it is best if you give the plants 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness, but this is not necessary.

Why buy autoflowering seeds?

You do not have to devote much time and attention to autoflowering plants because they automatically go into bloom after around 2 to 3 weeks and are soon ready to be harvested. Autoflowering plants remain fairly small, so they do not take up much space, due to which there is also often less yield. With autoflowering seeds multiple harvests can be achieved in one season, so then ultimately your final yield is still high.

Autoflowering seeds are therefore ideal for novice growers, who do not have not much experience. This does not mean that these are not suitable seeds for the more experienced growers among us. Due to the many unique features are autoflowering seeds are also very popular among guerrilla micro and outdoor growers - experienced or inexperienced.

Autoflowering seeds for sale

Kera Seeds has different autoflowering seeds for sale:

  • Kera Critical AUTO: easy growing seeds of good quality. Gives cannabis with a powerful effect and is very suitable for the commercial grower.
  • Kera Keramatic AUTO: these seeds give small and compact plants with high yield. The smoke of the cannabis is full and skunky, and has a relaxation function for treating muscle tension, migraines and stress.
  • Kera Crazy But AUTO: very easy to grow species, gives a stoned effect and is often used in the medical field for treating stress and pain.
  • Kera NLX Diamond AUTO: gives a plant with a classic fragrance and flavour and in use gives using a fine relaxed and calm feeling.
  • Kera Amnesia AUTO: known for its extremely heavy effect. It has a musky taste and smell, and is used in the medical field for treating pain and stress.
  • Kera Dwarf AUTO: very easy to grow and therefore popular with novice growers. It gives a small plant and in use it has a sweet, round and full flavour. It is used in the medical field for treatment of stress and pain as well as insomnia.

Autoflowering cannabis shop

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When you order autoflowering seeds from Kera Seeds you are guaranteed quality at home. We offer excellent Dutch quality at affordable prices. Our seeds are manually checked one by one for any damage, breakages and are selected by size and weight. Your order will be delivered to your home anonymously in specially designed packaging. Our hard boxes offer perfect protection against damage during transport and ensure that your seeds are kept in the dark and kept cool.

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