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Cannabis seeds shop

Keraseeds is a great cannabis seed shop, and we will help a grower happy to make the best personal choice for certain seeds. The right choice will depend on the grower’s various needs and requirements. Besides the fact that the cannabis plant has to be grown ns just the right way, the result mainly depends on the composition of the seed. At Keraseeds, we sell high quality cannabis seeds. We have an extensive and unique collection of cannabis seeds available that can serve both for recreational and medicinal use.

Keraseeds Cannabis seed shop

Keraseeds has a broad experience in the cannabis industry. This experience ensures that we can continuously offer you high quality. We know exactly what is happening and what and where to purchase in the market. In Keraseeds we always opt for organically produced seeds which undergo an extensive quality control. We check the size, weight and for any damage. Each of our cannabis seeds are checked manually, one by one, and are then kept at the right temperature. We ship them in a special box that protects the seeds and keeps them dark and cool. That is why we dare to guarantee that we always deliver Dutch quality at a good price and with excellent service (our seeds are on average 25% cheaper than other premium labels!). Every Keraseeds order is shipped anonymous and discreetly.

For the starter and the experienced grower

In Keraseeds’ product range, you can find seeds which are suitable for the experienced grower, but also for the beginner. So, even if you are an enthusiastic novice, you can count on us. Our product range of various cannabis seeds contains a detailed description of the different properties of the seeds. Is the plant easy to grow? How long is the flowering period? How big is the harvest likely to be? Does the plant grow best indoors or outdoors? The description includes all the factors that will help you in making the right choice. So you can easily discover what type of cannabis seeds is most suitable for your purposes!

As a beginner, growing seeds or plants you may well still need some more help. That is why, on our cannabis seed shop’s website you can find additional information and tips for growing your own cannabis, seed germination and how you can easily discover the difference between male and female plants. First and foremost, it is easy if you first choose the right type of cannabis seeds for you.

Types of cannabis seeds for sale at Keraseeds

We have many different types of cannabis seeds for sale at Keraseeds. Basically, all our seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing, but performance varies somewhat from species to species. See the individual descriptions for more information. Our seeds can be used for recreational purposes, but are also suitable for medicinal purposes. In addition, there are three main categories which you can choose from: regular cannabis seeds, feminised seeds and autoflowering seeds. The choice depends on your needs: Do you want to grow your own seeds or want to produce your own cannabis?

Cannabis seeds shop

Regular cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds can produce both male and female plants. For the average harvest, this comes down to around half male and half female plants. If you want to grow your own seeds, then choose the regular cannabis seeds, because to do that, you will need both a male and a female plant.

Feminised seeds

Feminised cannabis seeds are seeds that produce only female plants. The big advantage is that you no longer can you only use half of the harvest. If you take good care of your young plants, then you will have a large, fully usable harvest as a result!

Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds come from a special cannabis plant that has automatic flowering qualities. This means that regardless of the amount of light the plant obtains in a day, after a growth phase the plant itself transitions into the flowering stage. Autoflowering seeds blossom into modest plants, which are not too much in terms of height and odour. In addition, if well cared for, these seeds produce a quick harvest.


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