Enjoy cannabis responsibly

Choose the right moment

If you’d like to smoke/eat/vaporize cannabis, always choose the right place and the right time. The circumstances to use cannabis aren’t always right. Knowing when the time and place are right, will ensure you to be able to enjoy the pleasant effects of cannabis and reduces any possible negative effects. The effect of the cannabis depends on which type you’ve got, but it also relative to the person who’s using it and context it’s being used in. It’s not a good idea to use cannabis before going to a stressful job or when you’ve got exams (which obviously requires you to be focused) for example. And there are plenty other scenarios.

Keep track of how much cannabis you use

Try to observe and determine what role cannabis has in your life. Does it affect your job, family or friends? For many cannabis users the use of it isn’t problematic, but there are also people who find it difficult to control their use of cannabis. It’s not a bad thing to enjoy some cannabis every now and again, but try to keep it under control and don’t use it on a daily basis.


Most cannabis users will smoke the cannabis, but this can irritate the trachea and increases the chance on health problems. If despite these risks, you’d still like to smoke cannabis, make sure to use filters. Filters will catch the toxic parts that are being created when the cannabis is burning. An alternative to smoking cannabis is using a vaporiser. This creates fewer health risks. Consummating cannabis doesn’t create any health risks either, but it is difficult to determine the dose this way because the effects kick in a lot later.

Negative effects of cannabis

Anxiety disorder: Using cannabis can also cause negative effects. Something that occurs relatively often with cannabis users are anxiety disorders. This mainly happens to people who aren’t used to using cannabis and when a very strong type of cannabis if being used. If this happens in your presence, try to make the person feel at ease and take them to a quiet place. Help him/her to control their breathing and talk to them in a calm manner. This will usually be enough to slowly calm a person down. If this doesn’t happen or if the situation escalates, consult a doctor.

Schizophrenia: There’s no scientific evidence that the use of cannabis is a direct cause of disorders and/or schizophrenia-like psychoses among the general population. However, some sensitive people could be at higher risk when using cannabis. If, for example, you’ve previously experienced severe psychiatric reactions after using drugs or when there’s a family history of frequent psychiatric disorders, using cannabis is strongly discouraged. Also in the case of reoccurring strange thoughts after having used cannabis or when people are worried about your reaction after using cannabis, the use of it is discouraged.

Amnesia: The most important risk of cannabis is the possibility of it having a negative effect on your memory. It affects the recent memory (the capability to learn and memorize new concepts). This effect depends on how often you use cannabis and the dose of it. Especially with frequent use and high doses or people that aren’t used to using cannabis. More often than not the problems will disappear after not using for several week, but because of this using cannabis is not recommended to people that need to perform on a high intellectual level, because of the possible influence on academical achievements for example.

Tolerance cannabinoids:People who frequently use cannabis, will develop a tolerance towards the pharmaceutical effects of cannabinoids. It’s then required to increase the dosage to get the same effects. The only way to avoid this, is to reduce the frequency of your cannabis use and only use it every now and again, maybe during the holidays or on special occasions.

Different types, different effects

Every different type of cannabis, will cause a different effect. When you’re trying a new kind of cannabis you’re not familiar with, it’s wise to start off with a small amount and see what it does to you. This new type of cannabis could be ten times the strength of the one you usual use. Cannabis can also affect every individual in a different way, so the effects your friend is feeling, will not necessarily occur with you.

Using cannabis with medication, hard drugs and alcohol

When you’re using cannabis as well as medication, hard drugs or alcohol, this could increase the effects and risks of cannabis. For example, when you’re smoking a spliff and also use cocaine or speed, you could become susceptible to anxiety attacks. The effects of certain psychedelics (LSD, Ketamine) could also be increased by the use of cannabis.

Juridical risks

There are certain juridical risks to the use of cannabis. Possession of, growing and using cannabis isn’t allowed in every country. So make sure you’re familiar with the laws in your country before you use, buy or grow cannabis(seeds).