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If growers want to grow as many female plants as possible, because these female plants contain more THC than the male plants. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine whether ordinary cannabis seeds will produce male or female plants in advance. It is only when the plant starts the bloom, it is possible to determine how successful the harvest will be. When growing cannabis, the grower can best assume that approximately half of his/her plants will be male. Obviously, the more female seeds and plants, the higher the yield. But there is another possibility: feminised seeds. Buy your feminised seeds - the name says it all – so then you are only buying the female version.

Feminised seeds

Why choose feminised seeds? A grower wants as many female seeds as possible. Feminised seeds contain no male chromosomes, which means that each seed grows into a plant with feminine tops. Feminised seeds make the growth process so much faster, but also more convenient. When using regular seeds, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish male from female plants. A time-consuming process, which, moreover, can sometimes go wrong. If you accidently leave a single male growing, this single plant will be able to fertilize a large number of female plants, with a disappointing yield as a result. No grower wants that, but it is especially undesirable for growers who are growing cannabis for medicinal purposes. The use of single feminised seeds therefore makes the process a lot easier. While feminised seeds were at first rather more expensive, nowadays the prices of these seeds have fallen considerably and so, they are also affordable.

Female seeds or feminised seeds?

What is the difference between female seeds and feminised seeds? They do have different names and there is, in fact, a difference. Feminised seeds are technically seen, mainly because there are no female seeds. For example, female seeds are a better source for a mother plant than feminised seeds. A mother plant that originates from female cannabis seeds will mainly be more resistant to the process whereby the life cycle is extended and will be less stress when removing the cuttings. Finally, the following applies: the cross between a male plant and a feminized plant leads to a harvest of seed-bearing tops. However, their offspring, will again be approximately half female / male half: just like regular seeds.

Recognising the difference between female and male plants

If you decide to start with female cannabis seeds, then, as a grower it is of course important to recognise the difference between the male and female plants. So, here are some useful tips / hints. You can recognise a female plant from different points. This variant - obviously if properly cared for – has a healthy appearance and has many branches. However, the easiest to determine the sex is to look at the base of the leaf on the stem. In the case of a female plant there is a hair that grows out of the head. When the plant begins to really flower, you will see these hairs all over the plant.

What are recognisable points for a male plants? They also have roundheads at the base of the leaves, but no hairs grow from here. This kind of plants can sometimes slightly unhealthy look. Moreover, the male variant grows usually higher, but there are fewer branches and leaves than in the female plant.

Female seeds shop

Types of feminised seeds

If you decide to go for feminised seeds, at Kera Seeds you can choose from the various types with varying characteristics and prices. Click on the name to read more / to order:

  • Kera White Thunder: an easy to grow plant with usually a high yield after a short flowering period. Good taste with powerful effect as result. Not expensive and therefore perfect for beginners!
  • Kera OG Kush: a very strong plant with intense flavour and powerful effects. A world famous plant!
  • Kera Bubblegum: famous for its succulent taste and unique high. Reduces stress, anxiety and pain.
  • Kera Amsterdam Cheese: exceptional species with high THC content and strong cheese odour - gives humour a good boost!
  • Kera Amnesia Mac Ganja: feminised these seeds give a plant with extreme effect: one of the most famous and powerful species in the world!
  • Kera Northern Light: very popular. It is the basis for many different types of plants.
  • Kera Premium Diesel: perhaps the strongest plant in the world. During flowering it gives of a strong diesely odour
  • Kera Dutch Power 2.0: quality plant which does exceptionally well and grows easily both indoors and outdoors. With a high yield as a result!
  • Kera Critical: an easy to grow plant with a high yield, short flowering time with a good flavour and a powerful effect.
  • Kera Skunk: a plant that is often the basis for other species is used because of its extremely good genetics which makes for a great harvest.
  • Kera White Widow: the most popular type of cannabis in the world and for sale in any Dutch coffee shop.
  • Kera NLX Special: perhaps the most trusted name and the most sought after plants in cannabis culture.