Outdoor growing


When you’re going to grow cannabis, you can either do this indoors or outdoors. Generally speaking all our seeds are suitable for outdoor and indoor growing, but some of the seeds will do just a little better when grown outdoors and some of them will do better indoors. Before buying seeds, it’ll be good to determine whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors. When growing outdoors, you could choose our autoflowering seeds. These are easier to grow and will grow quicker. This way you will be able to harvest twice in one season..


Outdoor growing is easier than indoor growing, because nature does most of the work and you won’t have to tend to your plants too much. You do have to make sure the plant gets enough water, sunlight and perhaps give them some extra nutrition.


When you choose to grow your cannabis plants outside, it’s important to consider your geographical position. Which types of cannabis you can grow outside depends on the climate you’re in. In Northern-Europe you can’t grow every type outdoors, because the climate is colder. In the warmer Southern-Europe pretty much every plant will grow well outside.

The right conditions

You should start growing outdoors when the temperature doesn’t drop below zero anymore. This is usual at the start of May. Young cannabis plants can’t handle frosty nights. Rainwater is the most suitable for your cannabis plants, because rainwater’s PH values are lower than tap water’s and it contains more nutrients. If you store rainwater, you’ll also have it available when it doesn’t rain.


The most important aspects of growing cannabis are: air, light and soil. These conditions aren’t just valid when growing indoors, but also for outdoor growing.


Make sure your plants are in an enclosed space. The plants have to be able to catch some wind. When the plants are too sheltered, they can become too moist. That way they are more at risk to fungi.


It’s very important that your plant gets enough sunlight. Don’t put them in a place with a lot of shade, but make sure the plant gets as much sunlight as possible.


Grow your plants in a pot with specially selected soil. This way the soil is clean and you’ll have the right type. The right soil for cannabis plants will have a PH value of about 6,5. You can buy this soil in designated growshops. This will also have the right structure for cannabis plants. Don’t use outdoor soil, because this soil isn’t clean and you’ll risk bringing in bugs and parasites that could be harmful to your plant. If you’re going to put your plant in a pot, make sure to get a pot that’s big enough. The cannabis plant’s roots need plenty of space to grow.

Pros and cons of outdoor growing:


  • You won’t have to get an expensive grow room or buy any other equipment..
  • Nature does most of the work, so you won’t have to tend to your cannabis plants too much.
  • When grown outdoors your cannabis plant will mostly grow larger then when grown indoors.


  • You can’t control the growing conditions.
  • You can’t grow all year round, because cannabis plants can’t handle frost.
  • Not every climate is suitable for growing outdoors.