Kera CBD Oil 5% 10ml with cumin seeds

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Our CBD oil is an organic dietary supplement made from the best European hemp. This ensures that our CBD oil is as pure as possible. There are met consistently the highest requirements and users can rely on a CBD content of at least 5%.

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Most cannabis today is cultivated because of its high THC content, but hemp is a completely different story. Industrial hemp is cultivated for its high CBD content and, of course, because of the bast fibers. To reduce the THC content has diluted the oil until secure compliance with the legal requirements. This results in an oil with only 5% CBD and THC 0.173%, and thus it is just as legal if the organic cultured industrial hemp where it is made of.

CBD does not cause intoxication of some sort whatsoever. CBD is the third most common cannabinoids in cannabis, but it has none of the cognitive effects where his counterpart THC is notorious for. Even the consumption of high doses caused no psychoactive effect – are high CBD is simply impossible

Is it legal? </ H5> </ p>
Yes – this extract hemp contains virtually zero percent THC; it is obtained from hemp – hemp as this extract has no psychoactive effects, it can completely sold legally in the Netherlands and most other countries and purchased
How do you keep it? </ H5> </ p>
CBD oil is perishable and should therefore be kept away from sunlight, preferably in a cool, dark place such as the refrigerator.

We make no medical decisions – this hemp extract is intended for use as a dietary supplement, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease

Contents: 10 ml (5% CBD)

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