Every cannabis plant starts as a seed. Feminized seeds are bred to grow as a female cannabis plant and develop a crop of resinous buds. Start browsing through our wide range of feminized cannabis seeds. These cannabis seeds come directly from experienced breeders and produce healthy and vigorous plants that guarantee a rich crop.

Preventing male plants
Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically modified, without male chromosomes, this is done to ensure that 99% of the seed grows into a female plant, with a bountiful harvest, which is most desired for most growers. Only the female cannabis plant creates peaks containing enough active substances. Male plants also contain this characteristic, but to a lesser extent. The peaks can be ready to cut within 8-10 weeks.

Choosing the right breed
Our range of female cannabis seeds has been expanded and developed for growers who want to grow a variety of cannabis species. Choices in abundance, all suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. There’s the sativa’s which is long and thin and there’s the Indica, which is short and bushy and the hybrids are somewhere in between. The THC and CBD levels can be very divers. The Indica effect is known for its physical and mental relaxation. The sativa gives energy, creativity, cheerfulness and sometimes can even arouse psychedelic emotions.

Buy reliable and premium award-winning seeds
You want your money’s worth right, so why not demand the very best? When it comes to premium cannabis seeds, there is nothing better than real feminized seeds. Look no further, we ensure you that we only offer quality!

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Kera Bubblegum

From: 9,25

Among smokers Bubblegum is known for the unique, juicy flavors and her powerful, euphoric highs. Although she is praised for her Sativa quality also caused Bubblegum a strong body stone. The mix of a flying high Bubblegum makes the perfect kind for an all round entertainment.

Kera Critical

From: 8,75

Critical is a plant that’s getting well-known throughout the world. The seed brings back the memory of the large light green leafs and beautiful white flowers. Critical was created by crossing an Afghani and a Skunk.

Kera Dutch Power

From: 6,95

Dutch Power is a popular and strong plant from the Netherlands. It was created by crossing South African Sativa strains.

Kera Greengo Bio Haze

From: 9,25

Available exclusively at Kera Seeds only..
Order your Kera Greengo Bio Haze cannabis seeds now and grow your own Haze. Our Greengo Bio Haze cannabis seeds are feminized.

Kera Jack Herer

From: 6,95

Order your Jack Herer cannabis seeds easily and quickly at Keraseeds.com. Do not let this chance pass you by and experience the effects of this amazing plant yourself. Jack Herer seeds are a cross between Haze with Red Skunk.

Kera Medical Buddha

From: 6,95

This new medicinal cannabis is an easy and fast to grow plant with a high yield which provide a high CBD content level. This makes this version very suitable for medicinal usage. We offer the Medical Buddha Seeds independently on the market.

Kera Medical Crazy Mouse

From: 6,95

The Cheese, is a famous weed species! Named for its strong acidic flavor, ‘The Cheese’ is a dominant hybrid from the United Kingdom. The top layer really smells like cheese, especially when it blooms. The final product tastes like cheese: Very pleasant and aromatic.

Kera Medical OG Kush

From: 8,95

Medical OG Kush cannabis seeds are based on feminized OG Krush. Fully grown, the female plants give a very desirable harvest. It is harvested in such a way that the CBD content level of a mature plant is higher than the OG Kush.

Kera Medical Skunk

From: 6,95

Skunk is one of the most classic cannabis strains in the world and is often used as a base for many other species because they have very good genetics. She is known for its sweet taste and big buds that provide a huge harvest.

Kera Medical White Widow

From: 6,95

White Widow is a legendary Dutch classic that also origins from Holland. Our version of the White Widow derived directly from the legendary White Widow, which is known for its firm buds that are surrounded by blinding white crystals, hence the name White Widow. White Widow was created by crossing a Brazilian Sativa and a Southern Indian Indica.

Kera NLX Special

From: 7,95

Back in the Eighties Northern Lights was setting the standard by which other Indicas are still judged and she remains one of the most trusted names and most sought after varieties in modern cannabis culture.

Kera Northern Light

From: 7,95

We can’t leave out the Northern Light when we talk about famous plants. Northern Light is used for many crossings and provides the basics for many different plants, one of them being the current Nederwiet.

Kera OG Kush

From: 8,75

OG Kush is considered one of the ultimate Kush varieties and is famous all over the world because of its strong and complex effects and intense flavor. Many Hollywood celebrities, rappers, medicinal users and die-hard blowers have indicated that this is their favorite type when it comes to power. The meaning of ‘OG’ in the name is much discussed, but they never doubt the strength.