Feminized seeds

Every cannabis plant starts as a seed. Feminized seeds are bred to grow as a female cannabis plant and develop a crop of resinous buds. Start browsing through our wide range of feminized cannabis seeds. These cannabis seeds come directly from experienced breeders and produce healthy and vigorous plants that guarantee a rich crop.

Preventing male plants
Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically modified, without male chromosomes, this is done to ensure that 99% of the seed grows into a female plant, with a bountiful harvest, which is most desired for most growers. Only the female cannabis plant creates peaks containing enough active substances. Male plants also contain this characteristic, but to a lesser extent. The peaks can be ready to cut within 8-10 weeks.

Choosing the right breed
Our range of female cannabis seeds has been expanded and developed for growers who want to grow a variety of cannabis species. Choices in abundance, all suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. There’s the sativa’s which is long and thin and there’s the Indica, which is short and bushy and the hybrids are somewhere in between. The THC and CBD levels can be very divers. The Indica effect is known for its physical and mental relaxation. The sativa gives energy, creativity, cheerfulness and sometimes can even arouse psychedelic emotions.

Buy reliable and premium award-winning seeds
You want your money’s worth right, so why not demand the very best? When it comes to premium cannabis seeds, there is nothing better than real feminized seeds. Look no further, we ensure you that we only offer quality!

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