Growing your own cannabis

Growing your own cannabis is fun, but also time consuming. It doesn’t just require a lot of time, but also a lot of energy. But your reward will be witnessing the beautiful process from seed to cannabis in its entirety, you’ll get to control the quality of your cannabis and you’ll get to experience harvesting from your very own home grown cannabis which you’ll surely never forget.

When you’re growing your own cannabis for the first time, it’s important to prepare yourself for what’s ahead of you. This way you’ll be aware of all the important aspects of growing and won’t run in to any surprises when things go wrong during the growing process. A good start is half the work!

Gathering information

The first step is to gather a lot of information. Read books and magazines about growing cannabis and watch videos on the internet. You’ll find loads of videos on YouTube for example. There are also several cannabis forums that’ll give you the chance to ask other growers some questions. For example, of People share their experiences and problems on these forums. Not just by first time growers, but also by more experienced growers. This is a good way of getting a quick answer to your question.

Growing indoors or outdoors

Before you get all the necessary equipment and seeds, it’ll be a good idea to decide whether you’d like to grow indoors or outdoors. When you’re growing for the first time, you could try and grow something outside. This way you can determine if you’re actually enjoying it, before buying all sorts of expensive equipment.

Getting started!

Once you’ve got enough information and have decided whether you’ll be growing indoors or outdoors, you can finally get started. On our webpage you’ll find information on building a grow room, sprouting, the blooming and growing stages of your cannabis plant, problems you may encounter, harvesting your cannabis plant and much more. The best of luck!