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Bulk Kera White Widow – gefeminiseerd

From: 184,95

White Widow is niet alleen de legendarische cannabisplant die in alle Nederlandse coffeeshops te koop is, maar het is ook de meest populaire cannabissoort ter wereld. Reden genoeg om deze soort zelf eens te kweken!

Kera Amnesia AUTO

From: 8,95

Amnesia AUTO is the result of years of growing, crossing and improving. Amnesia Auto was created by crossing an Amnesia and a Ruderalis. Amnesia AUTO is extremely popular and probably the most famous Haze type in the world. Also our Auto Amnesia has won a cup in the Highlife Cup 2015

Kera Bubblegum AUTO

From: 7,95

Bubblegum auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds are the basis of a plant that will develop into a very pleasant and resinous cannabis known for its subtle flavor and sweet scent that evokes the association of chewing gums. It’s an auto-flowering plant that grows well in warm and sunny climates, but it’s also suitable for indoor growing.

Kera California Nuggets

From: 6,95

The refreshing California Nugget is a mix between the well-known fertile White Widow and Sour Diesel, which is known for its Diesel-like scent and beautiful buds, which are covered in resin.

Kera Cherry Grapefruit

From: 7,25

Cherry Grapefruit is created by crossing the well known White Widow, Chemdawg, OG Kush and Sour Diesel and by giving it the best qualities of all these plants, we’ve creater a super plant.

Kera Crazy Mouse AUTO

From: 6,95

Order your Crazy Mouse AUTO cannabis seeds and easily cultivate your own cannabis now. The plant is both suitable for indoors as well as outdoors, very easy to grow and is therefore been a favorite for years already, regardless of your cultivation experience.

Kera Dutch Power

From: 6,95

Dutch Power is a popular and strong plant from the Netherlands. It was created by crossing South African Sativa strains.

Kera Dutch Power AUTO

From: 6,95

The Dutch power AUTO seeds are of Dutch origin but her heritage lay in South Africa. This breed has a very strong fragrance during the blossoming period and the effects are pretty intense. It does justice to its name and it’s a real power plant, with a fairly mild flavor but delivers a very powerful reaction at the same time.

Kera Dwarf AUTO

From: 6,45

Kera Dwarf AUTO is a small, compact autoflowering plant that was created by mixing two Indicas and a Ruderalis. It was given the name Kera Dwaf, because it originates from a real dwarf-sized plant, it only grew 50 centimetres tall.

Kera Greengo Bio Haze

From: 9,25

Available exclusively at Kera Seeds only..
Order your Kera Greengo Bio Haze cannabis seeds now and grow your own Haze. Our Greengo Bio Haze cannabis seeds are feminized.

Kera Greengo Bio Haze AUTO

From: 8,95

Available exclusively at Kera Seeds only..
Order your Kera Greengo Bio Haze cannabis seeds now and grow your own Haze. Our Greengo Bio Haze cannabis seeds are feminized.

Kera Jack Herer

From: 6,95

Order your Jack Herer cannabis seeds easily and quickly at Do not let this chance pass you by and experience the effects of this amazing plant yourself. Jack Herer seeds are a cross between Haze with Red Skunk.

Kera LA Widow

From: 8,25

LA Widow is a type of plant that was created by crossing the sweet and calming Bubba Kush and the fertile White Widow.

Kera Northern Light

From: 7,95

We can’t leave out the Northern Light when we talk about famous plants. Northern Light is used for many crossings and provides the basics for many different plants, one of them being the current Nederwiet.

Kera OG Kush

From: 8,75

OG Kush is considered one of the ultimate Kush varieties and is famous all over the world because of its strong and complex effects and intense flavor. Many Hollywood celebrities, rappers, medicinal users and die-hard blowers have indicated that this is their favorite type when it comes to power. The meaning of ‘OG’ in the name is much discussed, but they never doubt the strength.