90 - 120 cm

90 – 120 cm

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Kera California Nuggets

From: 6,95

The refreshing California Nugget is a mix between the well-known fertile White Widow and Sour Diesel, which is known for its Diesel-like scent and beautiful buds, which are covered in resin.

Kera NLX Special

From: 7,95

Back in the Eighties Northern Lights was setting the standard by which other Indicas are still judged and she remains one of the most trusted names and most sought after varieties in modern cannabis culture.

Kera OG Kush AUTO

From: 7,95

The OG Kush cannabis seeds have several advantages. This feminized strain is a variant of the Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. It arouses a very nice, sweet-fragrance, high-quality features, combined with a short and simple cultivation process. This variant is the auto-flowering version of the original Kera OG Kush.

Kera Royal Queen Diamond

From: 4,45

The Royal Queen Diamond version is becoming very popular. During the explosive flowering process, full buds on long flexible branches start to grow within a few days. The aroma of this variety is soft sativa sweet, fruity and very intense.

Kera Royal Queen Diamond AUTO

From: 6,45

Order your Royal Queen Diamond cannabis seeds now and secure the auto-flowering version of the famous Royal Queen Diamond. It’s a new version that’s fast and easy to cultivate and it provides almost all the original flavor properties of the original version.

Kera Super Silver Haze

From: 9,25

The Super Silver Haze cannabis plant is a high quality plant and is one of the best-known Haze species. The plant is strong and durable and is known for its long-term and intens effects. Order your Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds now and experience the effects of this plant yourself.


Kera Top 44

From: 6,95 From: 6,60

The Kera Top 44 is a popular plant for both hobby growers and commercial growers. It’s obvious this plant is a powerful and reliable species due to the composition of Indica and a large share of Skunk, it produces many peaks in a rather short period of time.