Kera White Thunder

From: 3,95

Kera Seeds developed the beautiful White Thunder and it has everything you need to get started. It was created by crossing an Afghani and a Skunk. The White Thunder has acquired its name thanks to the large amount of big crystals it contains.

Kera Amnesia AUTO

From: 8,95

Amnesia AUTO is the result of years of growing, crossing and improving. Amnesia Auto was created by crossing an Amnesia and a Ruderalis. Amnesia AUTO is extremely popular and probably the most famous Haze type in the world. Also our Auto Amnesia has won a cup in the Highlife Cup 2015

Kera Critical

From: 8,75

Critical is a plant that’s getting well-known throughout the world. The seed brings back the memory of the large light green leafs and beautiful white flowers. Critical was created by crossing an Afghani and a Skunk.

Kera White Widow AUTO

From: 6,95

The White Widow is a true classic. This legendary cannabis plant is now available as an auto-flowering version, obviously a clone of the White Widow in its original form. The most popular cannabis strain in the world is now easier to breed!

Kera Jack Herer

From: 6,95

Order your Jack Herer cannabis seeds easily and quickly at Do not let this chance pass you by and experience the effects of this amazing plant yourself. Jack Herer seeds are a cross between Haze with Red Skunk.